Whither thou Goest 

with  illustrations by Debbie Casterlin

ISBN 0-595-17505-8


A true story.

It's 1878. The Civil War is over, but not the dream…the dream to begin a new life. The dreamers "Go West", to Dakota land – to Split Rock Creek.

    But disillusionment sets in

— all too soon.

It's not really "home."

    It's time to move on, this time to Oregon — this time by wagon train, through endless plains, across unforgiving desert, toward Indian danger — only to disappear into the mists of time.

    A century passes, and then a phone call, a child's diary…changes the author's life.

He and his wife follow the trail of the dreamers.

    What they discover, and what they learn is as exciting as any novel to come out of the American West.


►Winner of the JADA Press 2004 Nonfiction Book of the Year Award – JADA Press Publishing

Desert Angels book cover

ISBN-10: 1466444940


►"Simpson weaves an intriguing story of war, hunger, religious and racial division, loss and the difficulty of victory—an expansiveness befitting a historical novel."  Kirkus Reviews

►"I have really enjoyed it, immensely." 

Don Ware, editor, 

Oregon's Brownsville Times

►"Author Patrick Simpson clearly knows a lot about his topic. His book outlines the fate of Native Americans in the inland northwest—present-day eastern Oregon and Washington, and western Idaho."  IndieReader Review

What if the legends are true?

  What if there are angels?

And one of them is a white girl…

  the other a Native American woman.

What if circumstances bring them

  together in a common cause

to stop a savage Indian War

  to save two men…

The lover of one of them

  The beloved tribal chief of the other?

Nothing stands in their way…

  — except prejudice

  — except death.

What if there are angels?

  — inspired by true events

Desert Angels

Whither thou Goest book cover

Whither thou Goest

Wheelchair Down Under book cover

Wheelchair Down Under

Australia and New Zealand come alive for armchair and wheelchair travelers alike in Wheelchair Down Under. In sharing their experiences, Pat and Anne Simpson not only guide us through the Land Down Under, they also motivate us to seek out our own dreams, while constantly providing tips and insight into the dos and don'ts of wheelchair travel. Join the couple as they explore the "Land of the Long White Cloud." Experience Oz as they travel through Australia's Outback, the land of Mad Max, opal mines and Crocodile Harry. Explore Australia's colonial beginnings as "Jail of the Empire." Climb Uluru (Ayers Rock) and discover the land of the ancient Aborigines.


►"An inspiration to disabled and armchair travelers alike." 

Pentland Press, Inc.

ISBN 1-57197-145-9 


Love in the Outback: Hoover's Love Poem

Wheelchair Around the World book cover

Wheelchair Around the World 


Pat and Anne Simpson want to live out their not so uncommon dream – to travel around the world. But they have to cross a major obstacle: Anne – debilitated by a rare joint disease and in spite of nearly overwhelming odds – would have to travel by wheelchair. More than just a travelogue: Wheelchair Around the World is about overcoming unforeseen problems; it's about courage; it's about compassion and sincerity; it's about opening our hearts and minds to God's love in God's world.

►"I'd recommend this for anyone who has ever been a caregiver or is facing a situation where they must give a significant amount of time and energy to someone else."

Stacey Cochran – bestselling author of Eddie & Sunny

►"Their story exudes an addictive spirit of adventure and faith in God ... a motivational, delightfully fun read."  National Amputation Foundation

ISBN 1-57197-054-1





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Whither thou Goest

The true story of two long-lost pioneers whose dream wouldn't die, and how their family found them more than a century later.

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